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The team at S.A.N INVESTMENTS GmbH are experts in the world of real estate. Each of the owners and employees hold a vast source of information in this area. Decades of accumulated experience in the fields of construction, implementation, supervision, acquisition, development and financing will bring participating investors extraordinary opportunities.


As an operations expert, when it comes to a real estate project of any kind, S.A.N Investments is a true partner. Thanks to many years of experience in the design and implementation of complex building projects, the Company knows how to deliver each project perfectly.



Mr. Boaz Nitzan (1969) 

Mr. Boaz Nitzan obtained a degree in economics and finance from Boston University and an MBA with honors from the Institute of Technology in Israel. Mr. Boaz Nitzan, is a partner at David Raz Management Inc. (Israel), and Glosec NL B.V. - (Netherlands). David Raz Management Inc. provides engineering services to coordinate planning, management and supervision of a variety of projects for the construction business and private sectors in Israel and around the world.
The company manages project planning, issue tenders for consultants, contractors and the negotiating and selecting of contractors. It then oversees the implementation of the project until delivery and conclusion.



Glosec NL B.V. is an international company who have operated many projects in Europe for over 10 years. This company is a main contractor and integrator, providing advanced solutions in many fields such as telecommunications, low voltage and fire safety.
Currently, Glosec NL B.V. is the lead contractor in a major hotel project in the Netherlands - Amsterdam: 50,000 sqm hotel's endorsement for Radisson hotel (478 rooms).



Mr. David Shirazi (1967)

Mr. David Shirazi is a second generation real estate entrepreneur. Together with his father, they possess decades of knowledge and experience in the real estate market. Over the years dozens of projects were built by the companies of the Shirazi family in Tel Aviv, Rishon LeZion, Holon and more, ranging from small buildings up to a size of 30,000 square meters.

Example projects:


    • "NAM Tower" – Residential building of about 30,000 sqm, including 114 luxury apartments. Project of approximately € 120 million in prime locations in Tel-Aviv –“Park Zameret”.
  • Nursing Home - value of the project - approx € 10 million. Event Hall-“Red Sun”-in Rishon LeZion, built on a ground of about 12.000 m². Construction costs of about € 25.000.000.
  • Gas station-“Alon Gan Yavne”-Owned by the Shirazi family.

Mr. Shirazi has been involved in the management, consulting, development, finance and sale of numerous complex real estate projects throughout the years.



Nisa Real Estate Management LTD

Owned by brothers Doron Avishar (1969) and Regev Avishar (1977).

Mr. Doron Avishar is a shareholder of Avishar Telecom Ltd. This company was established in 1999 by Doron Avishar with the aim of bringing all communication services under one roof. The company specializes in the design and construction of cellular communication systems, electrical systems, civil engineering and project management.

Between the years 2005-2010, Mr. Regev Avishar managed the operations of GLOSEC SYSTEM SRL in Romania.

The company established the management facilities and infrastructure of a satellite television company in Romania, shopping centers, 30 branches of "Leumi Bank" in Romania, Call center for Tiksuv Company and the management facilities for the insurance company CLAL.

From 2010, Mr. Regev Avishar is the CEO in Israel of Avishar Telecom and its subsidiary A.Hendel, and these days he runs the operations of Glosec Netherlands.




Nisa Real Estate Management Ltd is a shareholder (50%) of the Glosec group which is active internationally in many projects across Europe for more than a decade. The company is acting as a general contractor and integrator, and supplies services and advances solutions in a verity of fields as: communication, electricity and fire protection.

The company finished one of the major hotel projects in Amsterdam as a leading contractor - a conversion of 50,000 sqm hotel's endorsement for Radisson hotel (478 rooms).

Nisa Real Estate Management Ltd owns commercial properties in Israel with sizes ranging from 300 to 750 square meters.



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